Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jesus called a true American Hero home:

Here today, gone tomorrow:

A statement that rings ever true. Life is so precious, and the time we are given with our loved ones is just borrowed time. We take that time SO for granted, and go to bed a lot of times saying "oh I will do that tomorrow..." but what if tomorrow doesn't come? What if you never get that chance? A dear friend to my husband, a man of Great Faith, a son, brother, grandson.... A soldier, was called to his REAL home. He went defending our freedom, he gave His life for all he believed in and I am more than sure he was greeted at the gates of Heaven with arms wide open.

I will never begin to understand why the best of men are the ones chosen to leave this earth. The only way that I can begin to get through it, is by thinking that he was called for a greater fight than you or I can even begin to fathom. I know that David is standing with head held high, fighting the fight with his Lord Jesus Christ, to bring HIS people home to Him. But it still doesn't mask the pain that his family, friends, peers and fellow soldiers are feeling at this very moment. If they are like me, they are thinking "But God we could use a few more men just like David down here with us."

My heart hurts for Davids family, the pain I know nothing of, but a pain that I wish I could take away from them even for a moment. I pray a prayer of healing over them, I pray that they don't lose faith or start to doubt God. I pray for a sense of peace for them, that they will continue to follow His word... I know David is watching over all of us now and smiling because he is talking and dancing with his Jesus.

You will be forever missed. Thank you SO much for your selfless sacrifice and humble acts. I know many will agree, we are ALL better for knowing you. And our hearts will never forget the memories you left behind. Gone, but NEVER forgotten!

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